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Executive coaching and mentoring

coaching and mentoring are the fasted way to develop and improve and on top is also the most effective and satisfying learning process of all. The fundament is the coaching relationship, in which 2 persons based on trust, and a few ground rules, mixed with ingredients such as deep listening, intuition, seeking action and curiosity, work on themes that are usually not surfacing when working individually or in groups. The deepness of the coaching relationship always delivers eye-openers, breakthroughs and personal transformation. When we evaluate the coaching journey when it comes to its end, feedback always includes growth in being the person you want to be, or the amazing experience of achieving profound personal change you always wanted deep inside. And yes, specific problems get solved, performance gets improved, skills get developed and happiness increases. However, that is ‘just’ the logical consequence of the coaching process we designed and executed together. It is about you, you and you!

Why start coaching & mentoring, and what makes the co-active approach so special?

I have been searching for a model and coaching methodology that would fit my 20+ years of coaching and mentoring experience. I found co-active in 2017 after a full year of researching coaching models and methods. I finally found the model that not only could explain my coaching experiences, it also complemented them and provided many deeper insights. Coaching and mentoring are the fasted way to learn and improve. The model will be explained in detail when we start working together.

Co-active model explained

This video will summarise the co-active model. Below you will find more references why this model from “Coaching Training Institute”, the oldest institute fore training coaches in the world, is unique and effective. The Co-Active Model from CTI on Vimeo.

This is why co-active coaching resonates in my core being:

  1. At its most basic, co-active means simply “being in action…together.” Or perhaps it might be more appropriate to say “being together…in action.” Your actions and experiences will be used in our coaching sessions, you will alway be in the center of the model.
  2. Co-active helps you stretch your sightline, get out of your comfort zone, and grow along the way. Our coaching alliance will provide new insights and show new horizons never seen before, as combining our knowledge and experience, as well as our being, provides space and growth.
  3. Leadership has no “finish line.” We are all on a lifelong learning and leadership journey, and every person’s journey is unique to them. Co-Active is a contextual lens to experience this journey from different orientations (or perspectives). Coaching helps you see topics (not problems!) from various perspectives and learns you to choose from core values important to you, enhancing your being, presence and self-confidence.
  4. Co-active is based on your experiences, every experience is a learning opportunity. Bringing together a number of these learning experiences often results in “breakthroughs”, a personal transformation. This happens in coaching sessions. In the end we together concluded that indeed you can choose your own future experience. Coaching and mentoring are the fasted way to learn and improve.
  5. Co-active’s originates from science and many studies resulted in articles been written to confirm its effectiveness. Check this page for more details “The science behind the co-active model”.

Co-active and the daily life of a manager

Life is faster every day, at least it seems that way for many of us, we have become increasingly action-oriented and results-driven. The easy way out seems to avoid all the “soft” stuff (being yourself in relation with others) and instead just push to “get the job done” (doing it the way you want it). Unfortunately, this leaves us feeling disconnected and desperate for meaning and belonging. We often hear our internal voice whispering “why am I doing this” and we often experience life as we run around in circles, alone and desperately trying to get things done, only to find ourselves right back where we started. This is why it is so important to begin with the “Co.” Action arising from this place of being your full self, being whole and integrated, rather than disconnected and driven. In order for us to experience life as whole, action must be grounded in being, in our sense of connection to a larger wholeness. When the Co and the Active go together, the action of our life is nourishing and fulfilling.

Ready for a try?

I love working with (high potential) managers, executives, and business leaders of all kinds. I often position myself as your personal board of directors: facilitating leadership growth and sometimes delivering advice stemming from reflecting on experiences of the many people I worked with and my own peak performances and failures.  From good to great through coaching; we all need a boost every now and then; a kick or an acknowledgement, straight feedback, challenged on what we believe and sometimes a shoulder.  Happy to be your coach for a while, always willing to meet you free of charge for a proper introduction, including setting an example of how I coach, as well as who I am. This should allow you to feel the click needed to explore a coaching journey together.

Book an introduction session (free of charge)

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