What Customers say:

We create teams of Integrators (change agents) for managing the integration of 2 companies. This is about the processes, systems and especially people, at our operational stations in Europe. As part of the Integrator training we run a bootcamp 3-4 times a year. Jan always facilitates a full day session about dealing with people and change in a high pressure operational environment. Especially the culture integration part and some of the basic skills such as feedback and positively influencing people are very highly rated sessions. Overall, Jan always scores the highest evaluation scores in the program.
Great job Jan and a big thank you for bringing this to the teams.
KarelSenior Integrator
Jan has been coaching me co-actively for the last 6 months. I am thrilled with what this has brought me in terms of self-confidence, clarity on what I do well – which is far more compared to what I originally thought of myself – and balance in the things I do, the time I spend on them and the pleasure it delivers me. I have really created breakthroughs for myself with the help of Jan. I will highly recommend Jan if you need to rebalance things in your life or want to deal with the things you always knew you had to deal with.
MariaManager Processes & Systems
Jan designed a change program for the implementation of a new transport management system in our European organisation. Especially the way change was dealt with by the various stakeholders and user groups, as well as the practical approach of the program made this a very successful implementation. Thanks Jan and we will come back for the next implementation we are planning.
John Calibra
John CalibraNetwork Director
I really appreciate you have been my coach. Always being available when needed. Whether it was a face to face or phone call session, both were always stimulating. The journey was very interesting, I would not want to have missed this. I like the time you reserve and never let a conversation not ended. You are social and very knowledgeable and for every personal and professional challenge you have a tool or insight to support. You are both calm and enthusiastic at times. You have left a lot of room for me to define my own path by providing you many answers, that is your quality. Going forward I would encourage you to continue to enlighten many others with your coaching skills. Thanks!
Agneta Bakker
Agneta BakkerTNT/FedEx Customer Solutions Specialist