People choose to change but resist imposed change. 

People learn, always, it is our nature. The motives to learn differ and understanding these  allows us to influence behaviour.

Organisations are created to realise a vision. In today’s VUCA world, this requires constant adapting to new circumstances, requiring learning. Understanding how people learn is understanding influencing and growth. Understanding how people (want to) work together is understanding building successful organisations.

I love a complex problem and have built a rich base of experience and knowledge for designing and implementing change, transition and transformation (yes, they are different).

I do this mainly through individual and team coaching, designing and delivering (leadership) development programmes that fit the organisation’s culture and deliver clear, focused and measurable outcomes. In fact, my role can be best described as people developer and culture influencer.

Today, my main activities are:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Transformation (incl. advising and implementation)
  • Coaching & Facilitation (Executive Leadership)
  • Agile transformation
  • Agile Leadership for Health Care Managers (currently only in the Netherlands)
  • Learning & Development Management (Interim Roles)



What Customers say:



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