XL-Growth B.V.


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XL-Growth is founded to realize my vision on people in organizations, being the fundament for any improvement. Only people make organizations excel!

From 1986 till 2018 I applied many methods to improve people and business performance in international companies. I worked in various disciplines such as Learning & Development, Operations Excellence, Business Development, Operations Management, HR, Leadership Development. I have been the specialist, manager, facilitator, coach and a few times the executive being responsible for the bottom line. I worked with over 50 nationalities, both remotely and in the countries, and with various generations, e.g. boomers, millennials, Y and Z. During my corporate career, methods like total quality, process re-engineering, lean, 6sigma, scaled agile, etc. came along and were adopted and applied. I am very grateful for the opportunities I got, to experiment with each of them, although it did not at all feel like experimenting at the time. It was dead-serious and needed, in order to survive in highly competitive markets. In the end, integrating all my experiences, only one conclusion remained.

People run all processes and systems in organizations. They are the developers, communicators and facilitators of business improvement and development. They ensure the level of teamwork, how and when the best decisions are taken, to do together what is needed to become more successful as an organization. Develop people with the right intention and expect exceptional and exponential growth to happen soon! Therefore I started XL-Growth in 2018 with a simple vision and mission:

“Only through people you can achieve exceptional success.”

“We facilitate people development through making it every manager’s responsibility, connected to the organization’s objectives, values and customer requirements, allowing any problem to be solved and exceptional and exponential growth to happen soon.”

Services provided

  • Designing and implementing management development programs
  • Developing and if needed implementing a new/revised learning & development strategy
  • Co-creating and organizing executive leadership development journeys
  • (Executive) leadership coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Team building events
  • Culture change (e.g. ensure psychological safety is in place and improved everywhere)
  • Change management, designing plans and if needed executing them
  • Designing on-the-job people development
  • Portfolio, program & project management
  • Customer excellence programs for frontline operational staff
  • Creating operational excellence habits
  • Organizational design for new ways of working (e.g. Scaled Agile)

Way of working

I like to drink cappuccino in the morning and espresso in the afternoon, lets have a coffee to discuss your concerns and opportunities? And if I can be of any help?

Once we know each other a bit better, I prefer to work inside the organization to have a good feel for the habits and patterns that are part of the way of working. Collecting data and analyzing problems should be done together, solutions need to be co-created. Ownership and the intention to solve them is the fundament we should work on.

In this process, we create a change alliance to start and finish the journey we designed. The journey will develop the people involved, who will develop others in turn. I always “leave something behind”, so changes that are accomplished and breakthroughs and/or transformations are there to stay – and further improved of course.