Accelerate your growth

Accelerating growth, what does it mean, really? Learning is natural, but pace of learning is variable. The way and the pace of your learning can be accelerated tremendously. This also applies to teams and organizations, however the individual level is where learning takes place. Learning is my passion and profession and I do this by making my knowledge and experience as a teacher, coach, consultant, manager, director, partner, father, sun, friend, and free-thinker available for others. Your personal growth is always priority one and the only purpose, whilst problems get fixed along the way. How? By finding and breaking limiting patterns and creating new ones to make you successful. Most importantly, become more balanced and happy with your life, both working and privately.

Focus on Growth


.Business & leadership coaching, mixed with mentoring to find the breakthrough/s needed to perform and feel better. Includes a coaching app that facilitates even more growth in between sessions. 

It’s all about you, you and you!


A critical approach for making a significant step-up in managing performance. Always through being on the work-floor with you and your teams. 

It’s all about understanding the quality & performance in your organization!


Need a training? Digital, face-to-face? Learning on the job? A learning app? Micro Learning, or a learning needs analysis. Development of training material, training facilitation, train-the-trainer sessions, etc.

It’s all about improved capabilities!

What are you looking for?

Coaching | Leadership Development | Training | Operations Optimization | Customer Experience through Smart Operations | 
Change Management | Transformation Programs | Program & Portfolio Management | Business Development | Lean | 
Learning & Development | Interim Management | Just some support or a new idea...

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