I am a family & business-oriented person, born in 1961, with a passion for making people work together, and with a mission in life to help develop people, teams and organisations.

I love a complex problem and have built a rich base of experience and knowledge for designing and implementing change, transition and transformation (yes, they are different).

I do this mainly through individual and team coaching, designing and delivering (leadership) development programmes that fit the organisation’s (future) culture and deliver clear, focused and measurable outcomes. In fact, my role can be best described as people developer, culture influencer and change realiser.

Change is inevitable, we all live in a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), whether we like it or not. Organisations that champion learning and change, the transition of people and making the transformation a natural process (how to re-invent your organisation), do not only survive, they thrive. 70% of change initiatives fail because of people related issues (Kotter, McKinsey).

It is my experience that people often choose to change, but simply don’t like to be changed. Change is a choice, and learning makes the difference between choosing to change, or resisting imposed change.

In the course of 2018, I decided to transform my life, after 25 years working in the corporate world of TNT/FedEx. I spend more time at home, run my own businesses and spend on average 2 days a week in FedEx as “senior leadership development specialist.

I have the luck and privilege to be born the Netherlands and have the Dutch nationality, however, I truly feel myself a global citizen, having visited over 50 countries and worked with more than 100 nationalities.

Today, my main activities are:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Transformation (incl. advising and implementation)
  • Coaching & Facilitation (Executive Leadership)
  • Agile transformation
  • Agile Leadership for Health Care Managers (currently only in the Netherlands)
  • Learning & Development Management (Interim Roles)

My LinkedIn profile is pretty up to date, so this link will give you more details. The profile will give you an impression of what I do, know and previous experience.

You can call me: +31 6 53 89 75 67

or e-mail me: info@xl-growth.com

or fill-in the contact form.