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WFH & Managing Remotely – all HBR expertise put together

[Original published February 2020; Updated December 2022] How to effectively work from home and lead virtual teams and meetings better. Do it yourself through this post for free; or book a session here. Working from Home & Managing Remotely – all HBR expertise put together. Sounds great, and it is! Just make sure you know …

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If all IT systems fail

27-06-2017, all systems fail. 56 countries, 1500+ operational facilities, 60,000 employees, ….
How an organisation survived the NonPetya computer virus. How leadership makes the difference, but only thanks to the great attitude and loyalty of employees and customers. Learn what matters in developing people in your organisation to allow them to be instrumental when it really counts. When you need to survive crisis.

Leading your Agile Transformation

Undertaking the fundamental shift from a traditional organization designed for the industrial economy to an agile model designed for today’s digital economy. A new form of organization that enables innovation, collaboration, and value creation at incredible speed, scale, and impact. Agile organizations can develop products five times faster, make decisions three times faster, and reallocate …

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Agile Leadership Training – making agile work

Today we launched our newly developed leadership development programme, “making agile work”. Agile organisations struggle a lot, we have spoken to more than 20 large organisations in the Netherlands and can only conclude: we are not even half way there. We have a new leadership approach to focus on completing the transformation successfully. People feel …

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Agile Change

Implementing change has something to learn from working Agile. I see 4 distinct differentiators: leadership, team performance, disciplined change execution and measuring from A-Z. Get this right and change (aas well as the personal transition) will be smoother. Here is why: 1. Leadership is better when done together. This is because of true ownership and …

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