Change Leadership Has To Emphasize Continuity

Change leadership is about understanding culture, so it’s really about understanding people and how they work together. Focusing on the change only is ignoring what people come to work for every day, what makes them stay in the organisation and what makes them true team players.  #leadership #change #xlgrowth

Agile Change

Implementing change has something to learn from working Agile. I see 4 distinct differentiators: leadership, team performance, disciplined change execution and measuring from A-Z. Get this right and change (aas well as the personal transition) will be smoother. Here is why: 1. Leadership is better when done together. This is because of true ownership and…

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Creating Lasting Change

Thinking about change a lot? Or maybe about how to deal with change? My big question is how we can crate lasting change. Did you ever wonder how the human body is dealing with all the changes in its environment and what we can learn form this? Our body can protects itself against every flu…

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