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Customer Experience Through Delivery Drivers

Customer Experience through Delivery Drivers

If you find this project interesting and want your frontline operational staff to be your biggest salesforce, by being the best ambassador for your products, services and organization, contact us here.

Delivery Driver Excellence

Already back in 2009 the first driver excellence programme was launched with 2 pilots (Netherlands and Denmark), followed by implementation in >25 countries on 5 continents, in the next 5 years. The programme resulted in a 10-12% increase in customer satisfaction within 12 months (measured through external company). Internal benefits were gained based on better operational quality (data, paperwork, packaging). Also, a more than 10% (up-to 15%) improved employee satisfaction amongst drivers and team leaders.  Above all, the process implemented ensures a continuous improvement cycle is embedded in the day-to-day warehouse and PUD operations. The programme was embedded in the total operations organization and processes – both owned and subcontracted, and included drivers, planners team leaders/supervisors and managers.

Program Method and Tools

  • Set of 12 work instructions (systems, process, customer focused behavior) of 1 hour eachVideo instructions included (12 languages, dubbed)
  • Supervisor guidelines and process tools
  • Customer and employee surveys, registration tool (excel)
  • Direct Customer feedback is actioned the same day
  • Implementation through Train-the-Trainer and daily management
  • Includes driver, planner & supervisor/manager training
  • Easy to provide driver training to subcontractors or external training partners
  • No additional resources needed
  • No extra running costs
  • Cost savings at mid and especially longer term

If you find this approach interesting and want analog or digital work instructions, supported by multimedia learning, including gamification, contact us here. Or to check if we see innovative opportunities you haven’t thought of yet. We’d love to co-design this with you. 

Because we believe in radical customer focus, also in operations.


  • Customer & Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved knowledge, skills, behaviors
  • Team Leaders more in control of quality and performance
  • Quick results (within 2-3 months)
  • Driver’s time well spend (low productivity hours used)
  • Consistent quality and performance improvements
  • Improved subcontractor relationship management
  • On-time pickup and delivery
  • Increased flexibility (incl. subcontractors)
  • On-road driver management
We indeed believe in radical customer focus!

Learning Objectives (organizational level)

  • Ensure PUD Drivers are able to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and operational standards for delivered on time performance at an optimised cost and zero tolerance in respect to loss and damage. 
  • Ensure PUD Drivers act as the ambassador for the Organization’s brand and livery is clean and in perfect condition.
  • Carry out safe, clean, timely and careful pick-up and delivery of customers’ goods whilst providing an exceptional customer experience.
  • Increase PUD productivity, Process Quality and Employee satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction
We have module and lesson learning objective available as well, lets discuss: contact

Program Description

  • The programme is aimed for all PUD drivers, both Transport Company and Subcontracted and is also geared towards planners (dispatchers) and PUD/Ops team leaders & managers.
  • PUD drivers have 3 times more face-to-face contact with Customers than Sales and Customer Service together. This simple fact highlights the importance and the impact a PUD Driver has on the Customer satisfaction and in the end, the Customer Experience created during collection or delivery of a package.  
  • Besides the impact on the Customer, the PUD Driver also has an impact on the operational performance and productivity, which is equally important to the Customer as it is to Transport Company. Quality will determine the errors elsewhere in the supply chain, productivity will determine part of the Subcontractor and Transport Company’s cost base.
  • The programme relies on externally certified trainers who train the team leaders. They in turn deliver the standard work and video instructions (max. 1 hour each) through which the PUD Planners (dispatchers) and drivers get full knowledge and skills on
    •   PUD processes and procedures
    •   PUD Systems and App
    •   Preferred Customer behaviours
    •   Handling difficult situations

Unique program to boost Customer's Experience

  • What makes the programme unique in the Express industry is the feedback process.
  • Team Leaders plan short phone calls with Customers directly after a collection or delivery is performed by a driver.
  • A standard questionnaire helps them to collect information on the driver’s behaviour and the Customer experience created.
  • During the debriefing the driver receives this feedback through a short (15 minutes) coaching session. 
  • The programme is implemented through setting-up a project team which is coordinated with L&D specialists from Global Learning & Development.
  • The programme requires no extra human or financial resources to be implemented, unless external parties need to be involved to train subcontractor drivers.
  • Implementation takes 3-6 month.
  • Work Instructions take 6-12 weeks (1-2 per week max).
  • Work instructions are available in various languages (>10).