(Executive) Coaching & Mentoring 

Coaching accelerates your growth. Mentoring allows you to learn from my experience. Working together in a trustful partnership, using a thought-provoking and creative process, results in inspiration for new ways, even new being sometimes. The aim and result is always personal and professional growth. Hard results are never the target, however always an outcome. 

We design an alliance to work together successfully. Through a dedicated coaching app on any platform, you will be offered extra exercises and articles for deeper and more extended development. Our face-to-face sessions will also be enriched through exercise outcomes. When possible, I prefer to coach outside through taking a walk together, or be at an inspiring place.

Organizational Learning

Learning has become the heart of everything I do. Being educated as a technical teacher (electro engineering and computer science), I have been a trainer, training developer, training manager and global learning & development director (TNT). Examples of challenges, I am happy to take on, include positioning of the L&D department, learning strategy of an organization, operational learning and keeping the business running, train the trainer, etc. Other experiences include the set-up of a corporate academy, developing and implementing an operations supervisor training program, implemented in >25 countries, as well as a blended approach for making pick-up & delivery drivers the ambassadors of the company in more than 30 countries on 5 continents. They also became great sales lead generators. One of the key drivers of operational learning is the design of feedback processes in the day to day setting, as this facilitates continuous learning and improvement without direct involvement of any learning department or other resources.

Change Design & Execution

Change and transformation are usually complex, create volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity. The change approach taken therefore needs to be adjusted regularly, as unexpected responses and situations will come up, it;’s unavoidable. Besides a rich change management toolbox to manage this, the extensive and deep experience of many small and (XL) large projects and change programs, will help you and your organization to develop a solid change architecture, plan and execution for large system implementations, organizational changes, post-merger & acquisition programs and many more. Projects will always include the guidance and coaching of your local talents, ensuring they become independent of these services sooner than later. Obviously training, coaching, mentoring and other services can be combined whenever needed and relevant.

Leadership Development

Are leaders born or developed? Does it matter? Learning and improving is always possible and effective leadership starts with knowing yourself. Having navigated a few perfect storms myself as a manager and executive, and being a senior leadership developer and facilitator, I am able to combine theory and practice when it comes to developing leadership. I have designed and implemented various leadership programs in larger international companies. I bring experience and knowledge that accelerates leadership development in your organization. Building leadership development journeys, applying blended learning to the max, and also keeping both content and learning approaches as practical as possible, has proven effective and successful. Ask me about some of the journeys I designed before and how this experience can help your organisation to growth leadership capabilities, enabling retaining critical staff and obtaining performance results fast, just because leadership growth is in place, whilst alignment, critical for accelerating results, has been accomplished.

Team Building & Growth

Building and growing teams takes time and effort, and especially “team intelligence”. It sometimes takes an external person to ensure all team members are willing to help build a top performing team. It requires an effective process, personal reflections, individual guidance and feedback, building trust and some good and constructive conflicts. I have been a team manager myself for the last 30 years and a team facilitator/coach for the last 20 years. I bring together my abilities and experiences to help teams grow, help team members develop and to ensure team performance exceeds expectations. Next to the toolboxes I have gathered for training, coaching, leadership development and managing, I also have developed a dedicated toolbox to facilitate the growth of teams. 


Nice to meet you here. Coaching and mentoring, developing people and teams, has always been my sweet spot. I have now worked internationally for 30+ years as an executive in operations, learning & development, portfolio & program management and change & transformation management. In gthese years, I always tried to learn from the people around me as well as supporting them to grow. 

I have always been a facilitator, a mentor and a coach. I was 26 when I graduated as a teacher in electro-engineering. Since then, I have worked in the profit sector for 8 different companies and many different functions. I was lucky to work with many great leaders and people during the last 35 years. Indeed, I was also being mentored and coached by great people, helping me to develop myself in a wide range of capabilities. I am for always grateful for being able to tap into an indispensable wellspring of advice from many leaders I have worked with. I try to transfer this learning as well when appropriate.

Having also worked with various executive coaches and leadership experts, I have learned coaches are able to deliver a revolutionary collection of contributions from our experience and our ability to create learning & breakthroughs. This always leads to personal transformations in areas like: leadership, self-awareness, self-confidence, communication, interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, delegation, coaching, strategy, business development, change management, transition management, effective execution, and career development.

In most cases I combine coaching and mentoring, always co-designing the learning process together. I always aim to inspire you, to break through mental barriers and to come to new insights. Sometimes added with additional and practical advice based on my personal experience, just to add another perspective to maybe learn from.

Every coaching journey is unique and completely adapted to your personal requirements. The way we accomplish your breakthroughs will vary, and some happen quickly, other take time. 

Obviously, confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

Some examples of interventions and activities during a coaching journey are:

  • Thorough introduction to self-examination and self-awareness, including maximizing the impact of feedback and proven techniques to ensure your leadership measures up.
  • Comprehensive explorations of communication and interpersonal relationship skills, including treatments of authenticity and cultural fluency.
  • Practical discussions of emotional intelligence, including the management of out-of-control feelings and conflict management.
  • In-depth examinations of change and transition management, including explorations of the first 100 days as a new leader and how to lead teams through crises

I love working with managers, executives, and business leaders of all kinds. I often position myself as your personal board of directors: facilitating leadership growth and sometimes delivering advice stemming from reflecting on experiences of the many people I worked with and my own peak performances and failures. 

From good to great through coaching; we all need a boost every now and then; a kick or an acknowledgement, straight feedback, challenged on what we believe and sometimes a shoulder. 

Happy to be your coach for a while, always willing to meet you free of charge for a proper introduction, including setting an example of how I coach, as well as who I am. This should allow you to feel the click needed to explore a coaching journey together.

You can contact me here for a free of charge virtual appointment.