Agile Leadership Development Program


Agile leadership development is all about understanding Agile principles first, and what a team as a whole needs and what the individual team members need to be working Agile.

It is also about mastering Agile leadership skills, e.g. leading from behind when needed, learning from within if asked for and distribute leadership authority when useful. In short: creating the best environment for the team to boost performance and results.

This training includes 4 on-site facilitated days, 5 individual coaching sessions, a full 360 feedback through our Agile-360 app, as well as the possibility to collect micro 360 feedback all along this learning journey. You will become the best Agile leader version of yourself. And your peers. 

The facilitators and program leads are senior leaders in business and have been working Agile in various organisations, both IT and non-IT.

We launched this program together with Leadership 360 and ITDS, check this page for reference.

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