Agile Leadership Training – making agile work

Today we launched our newly developed leadership development programme, “making agile work”. Agile organisations struggle a lot, we have spoken to more than 20 large organisations in the Netherlands and can only conclude: we are not even half way there. We have a new leadership approach to focus on completing the transformation successfully.

People feel top management is not aligned and in many cases do not have a serieus intention to work agile personally. How to set your own organsation up for failure….

Team alignnent works, alignment between teams doesn’t. Teams chase only their team goals, not the organisations’s ones. Consequence is suboptimisation. Performance and results go down the drain.

Employees and managers feel worried, try to avoid – what they think is the next hype – wait till it gets over… Nothing gets done, no can-do mentallity, simply because people, incl. managers don’t believe. But what about the facts?

Today we proudly announced Leadership 360 and ITDS are launching “Agile Leadership”, making Agile work after the hype. Learn from 20+ organisation’s failures and successes with transforming to agile working.

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